This is CrisisCore991

The Ultimate End Was Created by WilliamBirkin1 and CrisisCore991.

First they wanted to make a flash animation of it but then CrisisCore991 got a program for video games and its going to be a video game now.

They are working on a game called "The ultimate end:The before years" now.

It will be featuring Crisiscore991,Williambirkin1,Iamalbertwesker717,Gman8745 and others may come we are now looking for people to join.

This Video game maker is called "RPG maker VX"

The Ultimate End The Before years is coming out 2010.

They are also working on another game called "The Ultimate End: Rise of the Dragon tigers" which is coming out in 2011-2012

The Ultimate End 1 is going to be a game about the end of the world.
Rise of the dragons
The Ultimate End Before years demo is coming january 2010

We will try to make The Ultimate End 2 a Survival horror action game.

Hi its williambirkin1 here and this is going to be a great game and i hope we do make it survival horror like the old resident evils and in the flash ones the intros will have one main character in each intro in number 1 it is crisis in 2 its me and 3 is G man so i hope they will be good and it is fun to work on.

UPDATE:Hi williambirkin1 here this is cancelled its not happening,instead i have made my own game company called Bio-Gaming,our first game will be called Worst Nightmare and imagine GTA meeting Resident evil,and thats kinda whats Worst Nightmare is a free roam zombie survial horror.

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